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Friday, August 28, 2009

Missing in

Well, no, I'm not really missing in action but I have been very absent from this blog. I apologize.

I've been busy with weight loss and busy with money saving. The weight loss was going fantastic and I'd lost 60lbs but then I kind of fell off the wagon and have gained at least half of it back. An ongoing struggle that, I'm sure, a lot of you can relate with.

As I said, I've also been busy saving money, which means couponing! I follow a lot blogs to find the best deals and best coupons and use that info for saving in my home. Since January I've calculated that we've been able to save at least $5600 through my 'hard work'. It's amazing actually.

I've started my own blog to correspond with the money saving but it's not nearly as big as the other 'mom blogs'.

Just thought I'd stop by and say 'hey'. Leave me a comment and let me know how you're doing. If you feel like it, stop by my new blog and say 'hey'. Would love to hear from you.

New blog: East Texas Saver

Monday, January 05, 2009

A New Year, a New Outlook

OK, here we go. Nope, no resolutions from me this year, they don't stick. I started to change my life last April when I decided to finally get rid of some extra lb's and have reached the 60 lbs gone mark, which I'm very proud of. I'm actually shopping in the 'normal' sized clothing's awesome. My secret? Cutting calories, increasing movement (I walk at least 2 miles a day) and

On a crochet note, I'm back into it again. I had heard that some people get crochet burnout and I thought that was crazy...that is until it happened to me. Luckily I got quite a few orders at Christmas time on my Etsy store so I had to start doing it again. It got me back in the swing of things again and I've been crocheting daily again for over a month now. Lookout world!! *smile*

I've never made many baby things in the past but my husband's best friend and his wife are expecting their first child in May and he asked me to crochet a few things for them. Alrighty then! I started looking and getting ideas and now I may not be able to stop! She may have a whole wardrobe by the time I'm done. Know any really cute patterns? Let me know where to find them.

I hope everyone has a fantastic New Year and that 2009 is the best year ever. I know I'm looking forward to it!!!

By the way, when my parents were here in November we took some pictures and here is one with me and my mom and one with me and my dad.

Me and my mommy Me and my daddy