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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Work in progress

This is the new afghan I'm making. I have finished with the white and am working on the light pink. As you can see by the granny square next to it, there are 3 other, darker, pinks that I will also do 'blocks' of. This is for my daughter, she claimed it. It's very easy too. I love it. Takes a lot of yarn though. I'm posting the pattern from husbands aunt as well just in case someone else thinks it's perfect for them too.

Shell Afghan

Chain 180

Row 1....Turn: do 2 db in 3rd st., =1/2 shell

Skip 2 sts & sc in next st

Skip 2 sts & in next st do 3 db, chain 1 & do 3 more db in same st ...= shell

Repeat above, across, ending with sc.

Row 2....Turn: chain 3, do 2 db in 1st st

Sc in back loop of chain in center of shell

Make shell in back of loop of next sc. Repeat across


..................I love it.............


Thursday, January 05, 2006

Afghan: First project completed

My first project...finished!!

It's not perfect, by any stretch of the imagination but my 6 year old son, Austin says it's "just the way I wanted it", so it works for me.

Now....on to the next project.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year

Here it is, already 2006. Time sure flies.
2005 was a pretty good year, I did get married after alll, but I hope 2006 is even better. We have our house up for sale so I hope we can sell it and buy a new house that is bigger to suit all our kids and animals.
My husband, James (or Jamie as I call him) is a great guy and loves my 3 kids a lot. A household with 2 teenagers and a primary school child can be a challenging place to be but it's never dull, I 'll say that. Especially when his son, who is a 'tween' comes for the weekend.

Happy NewYear to everyone. Have a great 2006!!