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Saturday, March 31, 2007

When it rains...............geesh

The last 2 years we've been in an extreme drought here in North/East Texas. This week it actually RAINED and rained gooooooood.......too good. Take a look at our backyard. We have a creek that runs next to our house and it overflowed. You can't tell the difference between the creek and our yard...where does one start and one begin??
So much for the yard work we had planned this weekend!!

The 2 trees on the right hand of the picture are about 10 feet from the creek....and now are IN the
The little bench in the backround of this pic is about 6 feet from the creek....kinda In the creek now too....not fun!

Friday, March 30, 2007

Viqui, you are 'da bomb'!!

I can't thank Viqui enough for helping me makeover my blog. She's the genius behind all the new cute stuff you are looking at. She made it all for me, I just posted it.
Thank you Viqui so much for all of your help!!
I'd be lost without you!!!

Thursday, March 29, 2007


Sorry if you look and see things jumbled...I'm doing some spring cleaning and making things look new and fresh!! Please bear with me!

What a difference the green makes

Yeah, we all know it. Things look prettier in the spring when they start turning green and lustrous but .......geesh........such a difference!!

We are almost canopied by the trees so hopefully that will save on the a/c bill in the summer. Hopefully it won't be a horribly hot summer like last year.
And, you just know I had to post today's newest flower. Here is it, the single, solitary Iris, even though there must be at least 100 plants on the property. Can't wait until more bloom!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What a day...finally up and at 'em

I got a great package from my secret pal at Crochetville today. She even included some things for my 'furbabies' which I thought was very sweet. It was such a nice surprise.

I actually had to get up and get dressed in real people clothes today, put makeup on and do something with my hair...geesh. My youngest son had Open House at his school so I had to try to look human. Barely accomplished it and by the time we were done at the scholl my legs felt like spaghetti. It was rough.
But on the way home, I saw this on the side of the road by some railroad tracks and just had to get out and snap a few pictures. Spring is my absolute favorite time of the year here in Texas because of the beautiful sights along the roads in the fields. I just love Bluebonnets. I saw Indian Paintbrush too but didn't take any pics of them.

One more thing...... this is new addition to our family. Her name is Belle and she is a calico. Just too cute!! I love her already.

This and that and a birthday wish

I have 7 more squares done of my 63 squares ghan. If I said it once, I'll say it again and again....gauge..grrrrrr.
But I'm taking a little bit of a break and am making a diasy ghan for my daughter's best friend's birthday coming up in about a month, a little less. I'm using Bernat black for the background and some RH variagated yarn for flower. I'll be putting a 'hot pink' border on each square for joining. Not sure how big I'm going to make it yet, depends on time and how I'm feeling. I've been soooo sick for the past....running on 2 weeks now and I'm living on gingerale and toast and chicken noodle soup. It's hellacious but (hopefully) I'll make it through. At times I have to wonder.
Anyway, here are the two different square colors I'm making for Madison's daisy ghan....

And one more thing........HAPPY BIRTHDAY VIQUI!!!!!

May this coming year be a brighter, healthier one for you.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

63 squares ghan....started

Here are the first 8 squares of the 63 granny squares ghan that I'm making. I'm making them in order because it seems easiest that way. So far so good. Starting square 9 tomorrow so I'll be 1/7th done. I can't wait to have it done. It will look so pretty.
I have been having quite a time with the gauge though. Trying to make them all 7" squares sounds easy but.........geesh!!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Our big night out...Dallas Stars hockey game

I had such a great time!! My dear sweet hubby surprised me a couple of weeks ago with Dallas Stars hockey tickets. I was so excited. You see, being born and raised in Canada, hockey is in your DNA (lol). I had never seen a NHL game. I had such a fantastic time!!
First we went out to dinner at the Texas Steakhouse...yummy!! Great steak!

Then we got to the American Airlines Center around 6pm

Opening faceoff. Dallas is in the green, for those of you who don't know

Here is ....geesh I forget who it was now....the second goal of the night. The first goal was made by Mike Modano...his 501st goal, to tie the all time record in scoring by an American born player. Unfortunately, he did not break the record that night, that was the only goal he scored

Had to get a picture of the Zamboni's in between periods for my youngest son.

A little 'tiff' started to break out here. There were a few that night, which the crowd just loves. I prefer the hockey part myself. I know, I'm such a 'girl'.

And the final score, with 50 seconds left to go, 4-2 for the Stars. I was so glad that they won when we were there.
It was so much fun, I just can't tell you. Celena Ray, who was in the top 10 of the American Idol Carrie Underwood season sang both the Canadian and American national anthems and did a great job. I guess she does it all the time.
I also bought myself a 'Dirk shirt' which I've been wanting for a long time...over a year. I'm a HUGE Dallas Mavericks (basketball) fan!! I tried to get tickets but they're sold out for the rest of the year...bummer. Maybe next year.
Anyway, I just had to share my wonderful night with you. It was a complete blast!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Some color in my yard

One of the great things about the spring is the flowers. One of the great things about your first spring in a new home is that you never know what surprise is waiting for you in your yard. Here are a few surprises I've found the past couple of days. So pretty.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Don't ya love the UPS man?? Part II

My wonderful dear friend Viqui strikes again. I was telling her that as soon as I finish all my swaps I was going to start on the 63 Easy to Crochet Pattern Stitches Heirloom Afghan. I had the green color I needed but still needed the other 2 colors. I didn't have them but would get them someday....someday.....after I finished 'this' for that person and 'that' for this person and so on. Hmmm, guess she didn't like that answer. The UPS guy showed up at my door yesterday with a box full of Bernat yarn. On cloud 9, that's where I was.
And to top it off, the UPS guy was a looker...OH MY....shhhh, don't tell my DH!!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Been a bit, hasn't it?

Well, I think of something every day that I should be posting on my blog.until...I sit here in front of the computer then I seem to draw a blank.....typical.
So, I thought I'd post a few pics of my kids because it's been a while.

Austin isn't much of a ham, is he????

Just like Samantha isn't a ham.......

Matt poses begrudgingly....

DH captured me at my best during my Sunday morning sleep-in. He thought it was cute how me and Chico were cuddling. When he stood at the bed is when Chico woke up, he was sleeping. Believe it or not we slept snuggled like this for over 2 hours....yes, it's pitiful...I know!!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Secret Pal on C'ville...and more

I really s hould have posted this a couple of weeks ago and I apologize to my Secret Pal on Crochetville. I really enjoyed getting this package and I've really enjoyed the great ecards you send me in the morning. This has been so much fun so far!!
Also, I just wanted to post another Comfortghan made for Viqui. This one was made mostly from the Yahoo group Barefoot Crochet . As soon as they heard Viqui was not well they banned together for this ghan. I was honored to put it together for them and send it to her. She really loved it!
Just a note........Viqui came through surgery well yesterday evening. Her daughter called to let me know. I'll call her this afternoon to check in with her. Thank you all for your good thoughts for her.