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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Congratulations Austin, my little smartie pants

Well, today was the last day of school for my 3 kids. And like usual they were soooo psyched this morning getting ready. Austin had to have me take a few pics of him and I couldn't resist because he's just so dang'd cute!! So here's a picture of my cutie patootie little fella.

And, if you notice, he has a few awards too. He got an Honor Role award (all marks above 90) for the last report card of the year. He got one every report card this past year!! Then he got the 'Principal's Honor Role Award' which is when they get on the Honor Role at least 5 times. And he also got the 'Good Behavior' award. He's such a wonderful, special little fella. I just love him sooooo much.
Bonus pic.........sweet little Chico!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Please help me choose a new banner

My dear friend Viqui made me these wonderful banners today for my Etsy shop but I have a problem. I love them all. Please leave a comment, if you will, and tell me which one you like the best. All images are clickable.




Thank you for your help!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Mary Jane slippers.....SOLD!!

I am very excited! I sold my first crocheted item! A pair of Mary Janes in adult size.
This is a picture of them. I'll change the picture later on daughter begged me not to post this picture because of her hairy I did anyway. I'll change it later when I can get a better picture.

Thank you so much to Linda at CrochetMania for giving me the idea to make these into an adult size. I had them on my Etsy shop in a baby size but she liked them so much she wanted a pair for herself. So, I had to 'dig deep' to create my own pattern for these and I'm proud of myself that I could actually do it. I used a different pattern, with permission, for inspiration and you could hear the frogs around here a lot telling me to 'rippit', but I finally got it done after midnight. My daughter thought they looked funny until they were on her foot and then I heard 'These are actually comfy. When do you think you can make me a pair?'...uh huh........
Thanks Linda for the insipiration and for helping me get over that first hurdle of making my very first sale!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

GOOOO SENS!!!! and more good news

OH. MY. GOSH! I could barely believe my own reaction this afternoon when, in overtime, Daniel Alfredson, captain of the Ottawa Senators, scored the series winning goal against...oh what does it matter who they were playing against? THEY WON!! I yelled! I jumped up and down! Hugged my daughter so hard!! This is the first time EVER Ottawa will be in the Stanley Cup finals. How awesome!!! You can click on the picture on the right to go to the Sens site if you want.

I've also officially started to earn some money by doing what I love most...crocheting. I've opened an Etsy store and have listed my very first item tonight. It's only a pair of baby booties and while it's a very small start, it's still a start. Hmm, just thought, baby booties could have been a metaphor for me booties = baby steps.
Here is the link for my Etsy store if you want to take a look. I don't have a banner yet but am hoping to soon.
We also went out to a lot of yard sales today an bought my son a computer for $5. Yes, it works, believe it or not. I'm amazed.
Oh yeah, I'm also going to start selling some stuff on eBay this weekend so if you feel like looking up some of the stuff on there. I don't have anything listed yet but will by the end of the weekend.
What a great day this was!!!
GO! SENS! GO!.....GO! SENS! GO!....GO! SENS! GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I won! I won!! I won!!!

Earlier this month Kathy from CrochetMania had a contest on her blog. Whoever left the most posts would win all this yarn. Guess what? I won!! Yayyyyyy!! I never knew I was so competitive...geesh! The coolest thing though, was the extra gifts she sent me. She sent a new cat bed for my kitties and a great toy for them too....that was so nice of her!!


Kathy, you are just too sweet...........tee hee hee!!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy 8th Birthday my little fella

It is so hard to believe that my little guy is already 8 years old. I swear it was just a few months ago that he was born.....
On birthdays we let each child pick whatever meal they want (that we can make at home). As strange as it seems, Austin's was hamburger patties with gravy and onions, corn on the cob and cheesey broccoli. DH made the whole thing all by himself. So it was even a special treat for me!!
Here is the meal with just Austin and here is everyone sitting at the table, waiting for me to hurry up and take the picture so we can eat!!

Of course, cake has to be a main event!! I didn't have any decoration icing so I made due with some of Austin's favorite things.
And what birthday would be complete without some gifts. Here are a couple....
Viqui sent these great test tube aliens. They are so cool.

Grammy and Grandpa sent this awesome trampoline all the way from Canada. Ok, they really sent us the money so we could buy it for him, but isn't it great?
He had such a great day!!
Happy birthday my little man. You are growing up so fast, I can hardly stand it. Our lives have changed so much since you were born. You have lived in Texas longer than you lived in Canada, I guess that makes you my little Texan. I love you more than you can ever possibly imagine. I know there are times when I treat you like a 'baby' but it's my way of trying to hold on to you and not wanting you to grow up as fast as your brother and sister have. They're almost 16 and 17 and I just want to hang on to the little boy you are a little longer. I'm trying to let you grow up and be the wonderful person you are. You are truly one of the most generous people I've even known and I am so proud to call you my son, I'm so proud to be your mother mom.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

What's been doin'?

Well, it's been a while since I posted anything crochet related so this is what I've been doing. I'm making this for my daughter for Christmas. Daisyghan part II. I know I'm starting early but all you crafters out there know why I have to start early. I do have 6 ghans to make after all, so it'll be 'fun'.
I can't believe he's almost 8!! My little guy, Austin will be 8 on Saturday, May 12th. It's so hard to believe! Seems like just yesterday.......well, y'all know how that goes. My parents bought him a trampoline, which will set up for him tomorrow. He'll be thrilled. And Viqui sent him some fun 'aliens in a test tube' that I have no doubt he'll be loving too. I will post some pics and such on his happy day.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Teaching my daughter to crochet

Well, for the 3rd time my daughter has asked me to teach her to crochet. The first two times failed miserably!! I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Is there a website, a link or any suggestions you could offer? I must be doing something wrong....please help!!

Friday, May 04, 2007


It's been a few days since I've posted so I thought I'd better at least post some pics. I'll take some crochet pics soon, I promise!!

This is the honeysuckle in my smells soooo good! And I'm not sure what kind of shrub this is by my numbers sign at my driveway...but it smells good too.

Here's my turtle hunters...Austin and my stepson Drew (holding the turtle) I took a few pics and then they put it back so it could go home.

And a couple of pretty pics ....clover and and Iris. Pretty flowers!!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Can you help me space this out?

Ok, if you look at my blog, like you are right now, you will notice that I have a lot of wasted space on each side of my sidebars. How can I make my center column wider and make the two sidebars go along to the edge, making a FULL page of content, not just drives me crazy!!
Any help would be greatly appreciated.