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Thursday, May 10, 2007

What's been doin'?

Well, it's been a while since I posted anything crochet related so this is what I've been doing. I'm making this for my daughter for Christmas. Daisyghan part II. I know I'm starting early but all you crafters out there know why I have to start early. I do have 6 ghans to make after all, so it'll be 'fun'.
I can't believe he's almost 8!! My little guy, Austin will be 8 on Saturday, May 12th. It's so hard to believe! Seems like just yesterday.......well, y'all know how that goes. My parents bought him a trampoline, which will set up for him tomorrow. He'll be thrilled. And Viqui sent him some fun 'aliens in a test tube' that I have no doubt he'll be loving too. I will post some pics and such on his happy day.

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CrochetManiacs said...

Yea, I know what you mean about how they grow so fast. My oldest is moving out over the weekend and my baby will be moving out the weekend of the 1st of June :(
I sure will miss the little rug rats, but it's time they went out on their own................and Mom and Dad can have that second honey moon :)