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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I won! I won!! I won!!!

Earlier this month Kathy from CrochetMania had a contest on her blog. Whoever left the most posts would win all this yarn. Guess what? I won!! Yayyyyyy!! I never knew I was so competitive...geesh! The coolest thing though, was the extra gifts she sent me. She sent a new cat bed for my kitties and a great toy for them too....that was so nice of her!!


Kathy, you are just too sweet...........tee hee hee!!


CrochetManiacs said...

I am so glad you won my dear, you sure were making Yahoo go at it there for a few, LOL!!
Glad that the kitty's enjoyed their new toy. They are just like a youngin, they would rather play with the box than with what's inside :)

Wanda Kay said...

Wow, what a nice gift you won.

The kitty's are sure enjoying themselves.