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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

So excited

You may not see me around much for the next week. My parents are coming from Canada for a visit. They'll be here tomorrow (Wednesday, September 27th) afternoon. My kids are just thrilled to be seeing Grammy and Grampa again. We havent' seen them since last Christmas, the longest stretch.......hmm, ever I think.
So, you may not see me around much, I'm not even sure if anyone really reads my blog on a regular basis, but I'll be back next week, after my parents leave. I'll have to take a picture or two to show them off!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Blogger Beta

Grrrrrrr, how frustrating. I got a notice last week about upgrading to the new Blogger Beta version. I'm always one that needs to have the 'newest of' so I switched. It's all fine and dandy, no bugs at all to report, except one one can post a comment to my blog unless they also have the newest version (beta version). They are trying to fix that and I hope they do soon. Also, it will be upgraded at some point so everyone will have the same thing that I have now.
So go ahead, upgrade, I dare ya............
Or, if you want to leave me a comment just email me at

Thanks for taking time out of your day to share a few moments with me!!

Canada Square and Texas Square

I am quite pleased with these squares, espeically the Texas one. For DH' s afghan I had to make one square for Texas, one for Canada and one with 2 rings (still working on that one, will post when it's done). I asked for help on Crochetville and got patterns for these. I am especially fond of the way the Texas one turned out. I just think it looks great!! I like the Canadian Maple Leaf too but find it looks 'grainy' especially up close. Maybe the HDC would have worked better than just sc, I dunno. I'm happy enough with it though that I'm going to use it. This was my first forray into crocheting with a graph and found it quite challenging with having to change colors all the time. It took me at least twice as long to make the graph squares as it does for any other. But now that I know how rewarding it can be, trust me, I'll try again!

Coffee Crochet - Canadian Maple Leaf pattern

Friday, September 15, 2006

What I've been doin'

I've been crocheting up a storm, trying to get all the squares I need for DH's blanket. I have nearly all of them done now, just a few left, plus putting it together....the fun
Don't mind the kitty cat....he just HAD to help me take the pics!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Have you ever heard of such a thing??

Ok, some background. My cat, Minnie just had kittens, 3 of them, on Sept 9th. They're very cute, but then again, aren't all kittens?? My dog, Maisy (Basset Hound/Labrador...or Bassador as the new mix is being called in designer dog circles) is pregnant and by my estimation, is due in by the end of this month, at the latest. I could be a week off and she could be due by next weekend, not sure.
Now, this is not Minnie's 1st batch of kittens (but it will be her last!!) and Maisy has always been attentive, to the protective side of it. I've said that we'd better watch out for Maisy when she has her pups because she'll be so protective that I'll likely be the only one that she'll let near them, me being the 'alpha female' of the But I seem to be the only one that she does listen to.
Ok, now here's what just happened. I hear little 'mew, mew' and a rubbing at my leg. I look down to see Minnie around my ankles and one of the kittens is crawling on the floor 'mewing'. So, thinking she wants me to put it back (they're under the headboard on my bed) I do so. Hmm, there are no other kittens where they should be. Strange. So, I look under my bed and see the other 2 huddled together. Ok, so I get them and put all 3 of them on my bed, by my pillow while I fix their area. I turn my back, feel something shake my bed and hear Minnie meow. When I turn my head I see Maisy trotting in to the living room. I look at the kittens and there are only 2 of them!! OH NO!!
I run after Maisy and she's under my DD's bed with the kitten. She stole a kitten!! Have you ever heard of such a thing?? She wasn't trying to hurt it, just mother it I guess. I can't believe she carried it from my room to my daughters bed without hurting it. She showed her teeth to me when I tried to take the kitten back and tried to block me, but I, being the Alpha female (lol) had no part of that and took the kitten back to be with its momma.
I'm still shaking my head.
Image hosted by Image hosted by

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Happy Birthday to me

Here is the lovely cake DH bought for me today, a day before my birthday. So sweet. He also made me a really nice dinner......again, so sweet.
I'll be 38 this year and being that it is September 11th, it always makes me think about the past. Of course, so much of this day is concentrated on the events that took place on this day 5 years ago. I remember sitting in front of my tv for days, awestruck by the sights and sounds that followed those terrible incidents.
My son says 'Mom, your birthday will forever be remembered as a horrible day' and he's right but I try my best not to think of it that way. There is just so much concentration about how horrible this day is historically.
I try to remember that everything is not bad and try to remember the good things in life.
Happy Birthday to me.................

C'Ville Purse/Tote swap

This is what I made for Jimmie Lu for the C'ville purse/tote swap. I was so proud of the tote, seeing how I'd never made 'popcorns' before when crocheting. It was fun. I really enjoyed this swap.
I can't wait to get mine..........yayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

Been 'squaring'

Ok, ok, so I know I don't post a lot about what I make. I've been making squares lately. The brown ones you see are for the Crocodile Hunter's comfortghan (so sad to see such a hero to nature gone) at CVille. The blue ones are for hubby's blanket. He wants a queensize one. Nah, no problem!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Time for a new puppy.... inquiry

Aren't they cute??

No, they're not mine, that's the problem. After going through the grieving process I think I'm finally ready for another doggie. I want a 'itty bitty' one though, that can go anywhere with me and sit with me when I crochet. After scouring the internet and looking at petfinder I've decided that I really would like a Maltese (bottom). Actually I have it narrowed down to either a Maltese, a long haired mini Daschund ( top left) or a Yorkie (top right).
Any of these 3 would be great for me.
Ok, that's great, so what's my problem? I can't afford to pay $3-4-500++ for a doggie. Sooo, I'm wondering if anyone out there knows where I could find a good deal on one of these cute puppy dogs?
Thanks a lot for any help you can give me.

Scarf in School colors

I made this scarf today for my daughter in her school colors. GO TIGERS!!
This was the first thing I've made with the blue yarn sent to me by Viqui.