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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Have you ever heard of such a thing??

Ok, some background. My cat, Minnie just had kittens, 3 of them, on Sept 9th. They're very cute, but then again, aren't all kittens?? My dog, Maisy (Basset Hound/Labrador...or Bassador as the new mix is being called in designer dog circles) is pregnant and by my estimation, is due in by the end of this month, at the latest. I could be a week off and she could be due by next weekend, not sure.
Now, this is not Minnie's 1st batch of kittens (but it will be her last!!) and Maisy has always been attentive, to the protective side of it. I've said that we'd better watch out for Maisy when she has her pups because she'll be so protective that I'll likely be the only one that she'll let near them, me being the 'alpha female' of the But I seem to be the only one that she does listen to.
Ok, now here's what just happened. I hear little 'mew, mew' and a rubbing at my leg. I look down to see Minnie around my ankles and one of the kittens is crawling on the floor 'mewing'. So, thinking she wants me to put it back (they're under the headboard on my bed) I do so. Hmm, there are no other kittens where they should be. Strange. So, I look under my bed and see the other 2 huddled together. Ok, so I get them and put all 3 of them on my bed, by my pillow while I fix their area. I turn my back, feel something shake my bed and hear Minnie meow. When I turn my head I see Maisy trotting in to the living room. I look at the kittens and there are only 2 of them!! OH NO!!
I run after Maisy and she's under my DD's bed with the kitten. She stole a kitten!! Have you ever heard of such a thing?? She wasn't trying to hurt it, just mother it I guess. I can't believe she carried it from my room to my daughters bed without hurting it. She showed her teeth to me when I tried to take the kitten back and tried to block me, but I, being the Alpha female (lol) had no part of that and took the kitten back to be with its momma.
I'm still shaking my head.
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Kim said...

My uncle gave away his dog's pups and she found a bunch of abandoned kittens in a shed. My uncle happened upon his dog nursing all the kittens. He took a pic, but I don't know where it got to. Nature certainly knows how to take care of itself...perhaps better than we do!!

Lisa said...

They sure do!!