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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Canada Square and Texas Square

I am quite pleased with these squares, espeically the Texas one. For DH' s afghan I had to make one square for Texas, one for Canada and one with 2 rings (still working on that one, will post when it's done). I asked for help on Crochetville and got patterns for these. I am especially fond of the way the Texas one turned out. I just think it looks great!! I like the Canadian Maple Leaf too but find it looks 'grainy' especially up close. Maybe the HDC would have worked better than just sc, I dunno. I'm happy enough with it though that I'm going to use it. This was my first forray into crocheting with a graph and found it quite challenging with having to change colors all the time. It took me at least twice as long to make the graph squares as it does for any other. But now that I know how rewarding it can be, trust me, I'll try again!

Coffee Crochet - Canadian Maple Leaf pattern

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