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Saturday, March 31, 2007

When it rains...............geesh

The last 2 years we've been in an extreme drought here in North/East Texas. This week it actually RAINED and rained gooooooood.......too good. Take a look at our backyard. We have a creek that runs next to our house and it overflowed. You can't tell the difference between the creek and our yard...where does one start and one begin??
So much for the yard work we had planned this weekend!!

The 2 trees on the right hand of the picture are about 10 feet from the creek....and now are IN the
The little bench in the backround of this pic is about 6 feet from the creek....kinda In the creek now too....not fun!


Viqui said...

This is scary!! Could not see the images from the other link you sent me!!

Jodi said...

Well, you're not alone!
Part of our archery range property had 2-3 foot of excess water on it 2 weeks ago. We had a 2 day tournament that we set up last weekend and one course had to be adjusted due to the water. It made for an interesting shoot.

In years past, the parking lot and camping area usually had water seap underground and make a mess. They city did some work last fall to the parking lot and it helped that problem too. So our campers were able to stay dry and out of the mud.

I really hope yours will recede soon.

Cocoa Cream said...

Yeah, we got those storms, too! Glad we didn't have to tornados like they did in the west and Okla., though! Plus, now all the bluebonnets are blooming like crazy, along with lots of other wildflowers! Praise God for a beautiful spring! :)