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Sunday, June 11, 2006

DH's Comforghan Squares so far

Here are the squares I've received so far for DH's comfortghan. I thought I'd display them for y'all to see. I'm still waiting on a few but I'm hoping to get it together soon, not that he'll need it with the 100F weather we've been getting here in Texas, but I'd still like it together.
Thank you to Daisy, Lea (minwifeof4boys), angelfire, sissy, Veronica (vernzap), Jodi (Colyak Crocheter), and Tara (JazzRizz).
I know there are still a few people who said they would send some so I look forward to getting them too. Hubby's a big guy so he needs a big 'blankey'. I've made a few as well.
Thanks again everyone for your help and I'm sorry if I left out your name in my thank you's.