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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Me and hubby

My daughter took this pic of me and my wonderful hubby last night and I thought I would share. He didn't have a shirt one....too hot here in TX for that nonsense! I'll tell ya, if I was a guy I wouldn't have a shirt on either. Sometimes I wonder about doing it anyway....but I would likely scar my 15 year old son for the rest of his life!! lol


Jaye said...

What a sweet picture! You two make a lovely couple :)

Donna said...

Hi Lisa,
When you get a chance can you email me? I see you're no longer @ the "maniacs" forum & I was trying to contact you there. Was hoping we could finish the swap we started - the RH for the mohair? Thanks!
PS I'm digging your blog-I LOVE the name!

Brandy said...

That is a great pic.

Anonymous said...

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