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Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's been too long..........

It's been a long time since I've posted but I have a good reason...I've been dying. At least that's what it has felt like. I've soooo sick. I was kinda sick for a few days at the beginning of last week and then I felt like I was getting better, then it hit me. I woke up Friday morning literally feeling like someone had taken a sledgehammer to me in my sleep and decimated all of my body, especially my joints. It was awful. I had a fever that would not go below 101F. It was rough.

Would you believe I have not picked up a hook a week? I know, me either. I think I'm going to give it a go as soon as I'm done this post. My hands were hurting me so much, I couldn't even imagine picking up a hook. I do have orders though so I really have to get things going again.

Saturday is the big day around here. We are putting up our Christmas lights. Have no fear...I'll take pictures and let you see them. I can't wait. It'll be about 70F that day so it'll be nice weather for it. Gosh, I remember putting up Christmas lights when I lived in Canada...freezing my fingers off, wearing full winter garb and going in every 15 minutes because it was so darn cold. Another plus to living in Texas......ahhhhhhhhhhhh

Oh, and my mom's hip replacement surgery was scheduled for Dec 4th. So things look 'iffy' for them being here for Christmas but if I know my mom at all (she's as stubborn as a mule!!) if she can take the drive at all she'll be here. If not, we'll have Christmas in January this year when she can stand (well, actually sit for 7 hours) the trip! Good luck mom. You know I love you so much!! I really hope this operation gets rid of the personal hell you've been going through with your hip for the last 15-20 years. It'll be so nice to see you walking without limping and knowing you're not in unbearable pain anymore. Break a leg.....hahahahahahahahaha.....yeah, poor taste, but I couldn't help it!!

Here is my mom with my kids last Christmas.....

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Tina said...

It sounds like you are starting to feel better, finally! That's good. Hope you get back to normal soon. *Hugs*