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Saturday, October 11, 2008

I'm officially published!!

Ok, ok, I do know how long it's been, trust me. I've been so busy doing a crochet dress for a yarn company that I let everything else go. I just finished that dress on Monday and am getting things back in order again. Then yesterday I got this by UPS (dontchya just love UPS??). I was so surprised. Well, I knew it was coming at some point but did not know when exactly.

And here it is....drumroll please...
Blings & Things for Dogs

My designs are as follows.....
Top row middle
Blue & White 81 jersey
Colorful sweater to the right of that
Bottom right pink outfit.

There are some very cute designs in here. Just click on the link above if you are interested.

Oh yeah, something else happened while I was away......I've lost 50 lbs. Please don't try to find it, as I'm not looking for them. I don't want them back! I'm feeling so much better in my own skin now, even though I still have another 50 to go. Heck, if I can do the first 50, the second half should be a breeze!!

I promise I won't wait so long next time to make an entry. I'll get on here at least once a week, if it kills me!!!


Tina said...

I might have to pick this one up. My brother (well his wife, really;P) loves to dress their dog up. And my friend likes to put sweaters on their Brussels Griffon in the winter....

Do you get royalties each time a copy sells, then? That's so awesome. Congrats, again.

Tina said...

Lisa, I just looked at your new family picture~~ You look great!! Congrats on the 50 lbs, too. :)

Laura said...

Oh wow, Lisa, 50 pds. lost and gone forever.....congratulations! :) I'm still stalled at 25 pds. lost and have been for quite some time so your loss gives me fresh inspiration.