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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

What a wonderful surprise!!

The strangest thing just happened to me.
Samantha (my daughter) walked in the door, after getting off the school bus, with a big box in her hands. She said 'here mom, this is for you'. I said, 'but I didn't order anything, what is it'? She said, 'I don't know, open it'. So, I did.
And wow, all this yarn.......all kinds of blue yarn, 20 skeins of blue yarn to be exact, and 2 white skeins. At the bottom of the box was a Leisure Arts booklet for 99 granny squares.
I wracked my brain trying to remember ordering something....couldn't. Then DH called and asked what I was doing, and I told him I was going through a huge box of yarn, that I didn't order, or if I did order it, I did it in my sleep....just didn't pay for it!!
Then, out of the blue DD said 'could someone have gifted you'? At the exact time those words came out of her mouth, I recalled reading in an email from 'someone' to expect something in the mail this week from 'someone'...and I instantly figured it out!
I'll tell you what though.....I haven't been this 'in the dark', this surprised, or had this big a smile on my face in a very, very long time!!!
Thank you are just too sweet!!!

Only one problem though, now I can't tell DH I don't have enough yarn, blue yarn, to make him a blanket. Hmmmm, :-)

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Andi said...

WOW! That was really nice!!