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Saturday, December 16, 2006


I can't believe it's finally over and done with. Let me tell you...these last two weeks have likely been the very longest of my life!! Last Friday, December 8th, we finally moved in to our new home. It only took me a few days alone (kids at school/hubby at work) to get things all unpacked and organized.
We had some problems with our heater, but thank goodness it's been extremely mild here this week so it hasn't been a worry. It's fixed now though, just one of the things you encounter when you buy a house I guess.
The biggest thing? NO DSL!!! Yes, I'm accessing this using a stinking dial up connection.....I can barely stand it!! Oh well, if that's the biggest trade off I have to make then it's worth it.

We put up our Christmas lights today...finally...and they look really nice. It's about time though. Likely the longest I've ever waited to put them up, but then again we had other things going on. It was almost 80 today so it was a very nice day to put them up.

Chico is doing very nicely by the way. He has healed quite well and you'd never know he had a run in with a truck....thank goodness!

The next big thing? Well, my parents and brother are due in on Wednesday. I'm tellin' ya, I'll be glad when December is over so life can take on some form of normalcy!!

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