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Monday, February 25, 2008

Spring has sprung!!

I know a lot you are still under snow but here in Texas the flowers are starting to bloom and they are so pretty. In my yard I have a couple of Daffodils coming up, one's that actually did not bloom last year but I cut down a couple of shadowy dying trees so now the flowers are seeing new light, literally.

The turtles were taking full advantage of the warm sun too. I just think it's so cool how they line up, nearly on top of each other, to sunbathe.

My last nature picture is a quintisential Texas picture...well, one of them anyway. Vultures in a dead tree. I thought it was cool, even though they are likely one of the ugliest creatures I've ever seen in life!!

On a design note, here is a closeup of something I've just finished. I like the colors of it. What do you think?

31 hours until my mom lands at DFW airport. I can't wait to see her! "Miss ya mom!"

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Tina said...

The turtle picture is so cool. I love the one on the top left, small, bigger, bigger, bigger, biggest.. how funny. I love turtles and miss seeing them all the time in Michigan. I wonder if we will see any here in the desert! The daffodils are beautiful. And I like the colors in the secret project. :P