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Monday, January 08, 2007

A leafy weekend

We have soooo many trees where we moved to, so many oak trees and they've shed all their lovely leaves onto the ground for us to walk on, like a carpet. To be honest with you, I never bothered raking before and would just let the wind take care of it. There are just way too many leaves for the wind to deal with right now so we've helped them along.
Austin's job was to keep the dogs out of our hair and I have to say, he did his job the best.

Even Chico was 'pooped' by the end of the day. And he was cold so I had to wrap him up in my daughters sweater. Heck, she didn't need it. She was working too hard!!


kathy said...

What cute doggies love your site can you help me i see you have a work in progress area how do i get that so i can put it on my blog i cant figure it out thank you for your help

Jaye said...

Oh my! Your yard looks just like mine, lol!

Looks like everyone had a great time ;)

andi said...

Cute pictures! The puppy cracks me up!