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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Go jump in the lake!!

What a great day today was! It was actually sunny outside for a change and NOT RAINING!! How awesome is that?!? The kids had been bugging me all week to let them go swimming in the lake by our house so today I gave in. They had a blast, as you will by the pictures.

Chico and Maisy had to come of course. Chico stayed on the dock but Maisy had to dive in.

Sam looking waterlogged.

Matt jumping in backwards. He's funny.

My 3 little men. Drew (my 13 year old step son), Matt and Austin

My little daredevil. He decided to just go ahead and jump over the side of the dock like it was a hurdle....and made it. He also did this other little trick. I about giving me a heart attack!!

I think these pics speak for themselves.

My little cutie pie!

And the final pic of the day before coming home.

It was so much fun!!

Here's a bonus pic. Not a good one of me...but it was fun!


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Wanda Kay said...

What a perfect day of sun and fun and the warm weather is here to stay a while.

Love the pic of you and chico, it's great

Jodi said...

That looks like so much fun! Now you can enjoy all that water you've gotten lately.

Phoenix said...

Lisa loved seeing you and your family:) Looks like you all had a great day:) Little Chico looks like a love;) Hugs, Phoenix