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Sunday, July 01, 2007

If it's not one's another.....TREE

This is how I feel right now.....

Ok, so ya'll know how much rain there has been here latelyin Texas.... It's been just awful!

Well, if you've been paying attention, you'll also remember that we have a lot of trees around our house, including one that we cut down and it went through my son's bedroom ceiling...not fun.

Well, Friday night, while dh was working the second half of a double shift, I was sitting on the loveseat crocheting and all of a sudden..BANG... a huge branch fell through living room ceiling...right over the couch.

DH says it's because the dead trees just soak up the water, instead of using it like the living trees do......if he says so....

It's fixed now but here are some pics of what it looked like.

This is how my couch looked when the tree went through the ceiling. The funny thing is that even before I talked to my wonderful hubby on the phone to tell him what had happened, I had this picture

If not for this electrical wire I am certain the log would have been laying on my couch. Thank goodness it was there because my special little doggie, Chico, was laying in the one corner asleep when it burst through.

And the 'on top' view. Yup, it went through in two spots but all the way through in just one spot. As I said, I really think it would have been one BIG hole if not for the electrical cord. The breaker popped and the tv went out because of it, but it was just fine, thank goodness!

I really hope these dang trees stop falling on my house! Enough is enough!!!!!


Maria said...

Hi Lisa...thanks for visiting my blog! I'm always glad to meet other Canadians when I can.
I'm sorry to see what the tree did to your goodness as long as the family is alright the rest can be fixed.
I will be adding your link to my blog!

Tina said...

I remember the tree through your sons' room! And didn't you have to replace the carpet, too, later? I thought I had commented on that because we had to totally replace the floor in our bathroom because of mold (it was bad), and the floor in our living room, too. (That was something totally different-- it involved cats not using their litter box properly..) (We lived in a mobile home.) Anyway thank goodness everyone is all right (again)!! And, yes! I would be doing something about the trees, too. Maybe you could have all the dead ones cut down, or something; maybe that would help? I added your link to my blog just recently, too. :) Glad no one was hurt.

CrochetManiacs said...

Wow Lisa, at least you weren't on the couch when it fell. Glad you are OK...............You can look on the bright side of all of this, you will have a new roof before it's over :)

Lisa said...

Tina, yes, it was my one son with the tree through his ceiling and my other son's floor was replaced. It's been a time here...never a dull moment! We are definitely going to cut the dead trees down.

Kathy, You're right, we will have a whole new roof by the time it's over...geesh!

And I'm so glad no one was on the couch and that Chico moves fast. I would have been so hurt if something happened to him!!

Thanks for all your well wishes means a lot!

Lisa said...

Maria, the biggest thing was that no one was hurt. As dh said..."it's a pain in the butt but it's fixable...and no one got hurt which is the biggest gift".