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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The pinky toe wins!!

I have tossed thoughts around for a while now about maybe possibly submitting one of my designs to a publication but of course had absolutely no idea how to go about it so I left it on the back burner...wayyyy in the back.

Of course, the very first thing I'm proud of designing is my Apple Tea cozy and that really got me into doing things on my own. How does this work? How does that work and so on? Then the cardigan I made for Drew (TheCrochetDude) Emborsky came out. I remember how interesting it was working on it. Soooooo......

I asked Drew a few questions and told him I had recently dipped my baby toe into the designing pool. The first tip he gave me...join The Crochet Guild of America because is the hub of all things crochet. And one of the best parts of joining is their mentoring program.

To make a long story short Drew (hangonasecondwhileIsitdownandshakethemarblesinmyhead) offered to be my mentor. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??? Sorry for yelling, I just can't contain my enthusiasm. I'm just so excited about it, I can't tell you!! He's already been such an amazing help to me and giving me tips that are invaluable for someone starting like I am. I mean, I admire him so much and what he's been able to accomplish and now here I am with him in my corner... wow....that's all I can is WOW!! I just hope I don't disappoint him.

I also have to give a shout out to Kathy at Crochetmania. She is the one who encouraged to start designing my own things. She always had faith in me and pushed me to do it. She knew it before I did........thanks so much Kath!! get the rest of my foot wet.....................


Wanda Kay said...

Wos, how great it is to have Drew as a mentor. I know you'll do a great job on designing. Look forward to seeing your very first published design, I know it will be great

CrochetManiacs said...

I told ya you could do it girl!!
See there, you have talent that you didn't EVEN know you had :)
Told Ya So ...... Congrats girl friend, you soooo derserve it!!
I am so proud of you!