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Friday, January 04, 2008

Resolution schmesolution...

Here it is, 2008.....hard to believe.

Of course, like everyone I've been asked if I've made any resolutions for the new year. Nope, not this year. HOWEVER....

I was watching The Biggest Loser the other night, as I have for most of its 5 cycles, usually while eating a snack...and something flipped the switch. I started to cry, how sappy is that? I am so sick and tired of being sick and tired all the time and the reason for that is my weight.

As I told my husband, when I was 9 months pregnant with my son 8 years ago, actually right up to the day before I went in to be enduced, I walked 4 miles a day (1 there and 1 back twice a day) to my kids school. (BTW, my hubby and I don't have any biological children together). Now, I get all huffy and puffy walking 1/2 mile up to the dock near our home.

So that was it for me. For some reason it's there, it's clicked. I told hubby (who is diabetic and smokes) that I would love for him to do it with me but I didn't NEED him to. I've started walking the dogs every night to the dock so that's a mile (there and back). I'll walk that for about a week and then put the 'marker' farther up and so on. DH did walk with me last night but not the night he's trying a little bit anyway.

It's time..........
What about you?


Tina said...

No real 'resolutions'. But, I was going to say... when we lived in Colorado, I used to walk downtown to the park (with the kids) or post office, around town (not a very big town). I was in the best shape I had been in in a long time. Every little bit counts. And it seemed when you exercise or are a little more active, you drink more water. And I seemed to eat healthier, too. For seem reason going for a walk made me crave a nice, cold juicy apple. (Not red delicious though-yuck.) :P I need to start walking again, that's for sure.

Indigo Skye said...

You know, needle buddy, I just ain't up for setting myself up for failure. I'm not resoluting nothing. I am a way cool cheerleader though. "You go girl!"

I feel like I have so much on my plate. What with just graduating, starting a new job day after tomorrow, all the new stuff I am learning with my fiber arts career heating up. Humph, I'll be doing walking in conjunction with my Bible ministry; hopefully that'll be enough to at least get the heart reaving. We have an excellent gym AND payroll deduction at my job, but it's about when do I find the time to get over there to work out? I'll figure it out, when I do, am sure I'll blog about it. Meantime, I am trying to organize this there here life of mine.

Keep the way cool posts coming. I need to add your blog to my "Blogs of Relevance" board.

Oh, and later you have GOT to tell me how to:

1) Get the WIP chart going. Saw it somewhere last year, but the code didn't work for me (then); and,

2) How to personalize the background at Blogger. That is so way cool. :)

Laura said...


I know just what you mean about being sick and tired of feeling that way! I decided I needed to do something about it and this time for good, so I began back in September. It's an uphill climb but one I'm determined to conquer. Best of luck to you in your determination also!