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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Crochet to the rescue

Yup, it's storm season in Texas. There are 4 seasons here.....Summer, Fall, Winter and Storm Season. Right now, it's storm season.

The last few days we've been getting a lot of storms, but this morning we had a 'whopper'! As soon as it passed through, then the power went out. It was 6am. Time for dh to get ready for work and the kids to get ready for school. And when 2 of your kids are teenagers...mirror time is important.

No problem, I'll just get the candles. Ok, where are the candles? I found 1 candle. ONE stinkin' candle!!

So the boys go to the bus, fussing because they couldn't see anything but then 'the girl' gets up (dh drives her to school) and all H-E-double hockey sticks, breaks loose. NO LIGHTS? WHAT DO YOU MEAN NO LIGHTS? HOW AM I GOING TO GET READY?? All of a sudden a crochet hook popped into my head. Trish got me a lighted crochet hook for a swap a while back so I got it and gave it to my daughter. The little sucker actually lit things up quite well. When placed in front of a mirror it really lit things up. Whodathunkit? A crochet hook saved the day!

Of course, she more or less opened the door to leave and the power came back on. Too funny.


Tina said...

No way, Murphy's Law (opens the door to leave & the lights came on....)! I was just telling my husband today 'Remember all the bad storms we used to get in Michigan?' They get some whoppers there, too. Glad nothing else happened to your house from the storm.

Wanda Kay said...

What a day, who'd thunk that the little crochet hook could save the day. Add one more reason to purchase some more of them.