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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Like a hole in the head

That's just how badly I needed to happen what happened to me today. (confused yet?)
Well, some of you know we just sold our house. We close tomorrow. Then on Friday we close on the new house........stress galore!!
The weather has been crazy today....almost in the 80's today and now all of a sudden it's about 40, going down to about 18 with the windchill over night.........gotta love Texas weather!!
Well, all day I was seeing this little fella in my yard. Very cute. Very friendly. Very loveable......but I ignored a good 'girl'.
Then DH and I were sitting outside and it came right over to me, jumped up on my lap, laid it's head on my shoulder and sighed...then he licked my face and closed his eyes, again with his head on my shoulder. COME ON!! WHAT KIND OF SICK JOKE IS THIS??As some of you may also know I've been looking for another 'itty bitty' ever since my wonderful Dachshund puppy died a few months ago. I've been looking around and (I think) DH was going to get me one for Christmas.Well, it's too cold to just leave him outside. Can't just turn my back on the little guy.
Then, out of the blue my dh...who is the world's biggest sceptic...says 'well, looks like we have to keep him. He took such a liking to you, you can't just ignore that. He found you, that's more important than you finding him'. My daughter went up and down the street asking if he belonged to one had seen him before so my dh is certain he was 'dumped'... . So, maybe it was just meant to be........May I introduce to you.......Chico

He's a young dog from what I can tell and is a Chihuahua mix....not even as big as my cats....
My daughter said..."the poor thing, being abandoned like that" to which I replied "are you kidding? He just hit the jackpot!"

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Tricia said...

Bless your heart for adopting this adorable little doggie. Make sure to get him in to the vets to get checked out, ask about a microchip, and update all vaccines. What a cutie! Your husband is right on, when they find you, it's much more important :)