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Friday, February 09, 2007

And the FedEx guy ain't bad either!

Well, she's at it again. She did tell me I had 2 packages coming but I didn't think anything could top yesterday's box. Here's what I got in today's box........

As you can see I got a 'load' of stuff. Some great stuff from Pier 1 Imports, some more great yarn, a couple of crochet books and an awesome set of Denise Interchangable knitting needles, with $5 going to breast cancer research. I only know how to 'very' novicely knit but for Viqui, I will learn. May not be today, but I promised her I would learn.
She also crocheted me 10 squares. 2 green and as she called them, a starter set of Stained glass squares. I've never been a big fan of crocheting with black but after seeing vibrant these squares are I'll be doing more, without a doubt!!


Jodi said...

Those are beautiful! I love the stained glass look of them.

These would be neat for a CAL or a SWAP. Everyone could make one with a varigated and black. Too cool!

Carol Thomas said...

I really like the squares!!!
& the knitting needle box, is so cool, I just wish there was one like that for crochet hooks, mine is already falling apart.
I hope you have a great & easy week,
Hugs, Carol