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Monday, February 19, 2007

It is actually sunny outside

SmileyCentral.comThank goodness the sun decided to finally come out and give up some its warmth. This has been an awful cold winter here in Texas. I do realize it's all relative and that it is much colder 'up north' but I'm so ready for the warm weather. It's 65 right now and I have the windows open and am just loving it!
It is going to be so nice to watch how things develop this spring. Just moving here a couple of months ago everything was brown and dead. It's so exciting to be able to watch new things grow, the leaves turn green, flowers bloom and so on. I'm so excited. And this week is going to reinforce that fact!
DH and I were outside yesterday afternoon enjoying a 56 degree day when my son came over saying he'd picked me a flower. I knew it had to be a dandelion, nothing else was blooming. This is what he pulled out..........
Yes, it is lovely and so awesome to see something blooming but 'eeek', he picked one of the daffodills. So now it's in my kitchen, brightening it up. I'm not exactly sure where he got it from but he did point out a whole bunch of buds coming up. I can't wait to see the bright cheery yellow flowers lighting up my yard. They are all over the place. I'll keep you posted.
C'mon spring!!

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Wanda Kay said...

Hooray for the sunshine. It's shining here this morn, but temp is still below freezing, but not by much. Maybe Spring is on its way.