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Sunday, June 03, 2007

A lot of hard work...finally done

Alrighty then, a bit of a back story might be needed here. As a lot of you know we just bought this house in early December. Of course 'this' and 'that' goes wrong and I guess that's to be expected. Well, about a month ago my DS1 said there was a wet spot on the floor of his bedroom, which is right next to the bathroom. After checking it out and tearing the wall apart my DH finally found the problem....a leak. After a couple of tries he finally got the leak fixed. The problem that remained was ...... mold. Mold started to grow in the carpet. Yes, I know how bad that is to begin with but then we realize that DS2 is allergic to mold. Big red puffy watery eyes. It was not a pretty sight. DS1 slept in the bottom bunk of DS2 while his room was like this.

So, we finally got enough money to fix the floor. We ripped up the rug to see that this was not the first time the floor had been fixed. There was a whole patch job done at one time and a brand new rug put over it. I was not amused!!

Anyway, we put new wood down for the floor, to repair the hole in the floor and the previous repair.

Then I put some 'sticky tiles' on the floor to finish it off. It took us about 4 hours in all, so that was pretty good. Much less time than I expected! I'm quite pleased with the way it turned out, and so is DS1, not to mention DS2 because he finally gets his room back to himself!!

So, to recap.....


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Tina said...

Now you have an excuse to crochet him a big rug to put under his bed. ;p The floor looks nice. I could show you some horror story pictures of our bathroom that was black with mold (we lived in a mobile home and it leaked under the bath tub.) I'm glad it is repaired and no more big puffy eyes for your son, either. :)