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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

What's on my hook lately

Well, lately I've been doing a lot of smaller stuff to put on my Etsty store. I just finished a really cute baby girl sandal/bonnet set. It's so cute.

I've put that on my store and just know someone's going to swipe it

I'm working on a couple of Baby it's Cold Outside sweaters for cousins that are having babies in August and October. I'll likely make a matching hat to go along with them and maybe even booties. If I REALLY get ambitious I might make a baby blanket to match, don't know yet.

And, in the meantime I want to keep plugging away at getting items made and added to my Etsy store.

Wish me luck!!


CrochetManiacs said...

I just love those little sandles! They ought to sell real good at etsy :)
They are just the neatest little slipper. That is a for sure summer time cuties, I bet you they will buy now.

Carol T said...

I like your baby bonnet & those cute little sandles they are so cute!!!

You're so talented!!

Carol T said...

Just one more thing

I would love to buy them from your etsy store, but our son & daughter-in-law are having a boy in about 2 weeks!!!

Tina said...

KnicKnac and I are hosting a BICO Cal at Crochetville. If you get stuck on the pattern, or want to join, you are so welcome to do so. I have made... hmmm... six BICO's? We have charts to make different sizes, and ever'thang! :D

Wanda Kay said...

That is so pretty, and just perfect for summer.

Yasmin said...

Awww...thses are so cute ! I'm sure sell right away. Adorable!

..:..Ivy's Creations Crochet ®..:.. said...

Beautifullll workies here!!!
Ohhh Boy! Really beautiful!
You it is very special and it has much talent in the Crochet.
Simple: "Great Work!"
I go to try to make one Ballernina Slippers as its, I can? Its part in my Blog would like to be able to publish this (with the had permission, clearly)...
In waiting,