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Thursday, August 30, 2007

A better day

Thank you to everyone who sent me hugs yesterday.
It was a tough day, right until I went to sleep pretty much, but today is looking brighter.

I woke up to brand new yarn (that was in the plastic wrap, IN the box) all over the floor this morning but that didn't ruin my day so I'm off to a much better start.

Would you believe we actually had 2 inches of rain yesterday?? In August?? And they're calling for more today?? What a crazy summer it's been...not complaining though. Me? Not complaining? Dang, it really is true...miracles really do

I hope everyone has a great day today and thank you for joining me in my bloggy contest. Don't forget to comment on my posts for your chance to win. No more 'downer posts', I promise!!

Here is a picture of the rain yesterday...pouring down. Did I mention that it's Texas??


TX CrochetLover said...

Yep, rained here pretty hard yesterday, thunder and wind. It is cloudy here today, expecting rain this afternoon.

Jodi said...

So glad you're feeling better today. We have a hockey team here called the Tri-City Americans. They are the next step to the NHL. A lot of Canadians on the team. You know the names Stuuuuuuu Barnes and Ollie Kolzig?
They both started out here and live here in the off season. You should see Ollie's new house (mansion) It's awesome and huge.

Cloudy and a little rainy here today too. Not sure where it came from, but it sure cooled things off today.

Have a happier day!

Tracy said...

Rain would be so nice. Fall will be so nice. I'm just counting down the hours until August is over, not my favorite of months.

Yasmin said...

Good to hear you back to your chirpy self again. It's okay to be down and share your thoughts. What are friends for ?
Could I borrow some of your way too hot out here !! My poor plants are burnt out in the heat!!!

Tina said...

It has been raining a lot here too. But we are finally out of our drought this year (I didn't know we were in a drought, but...) :) Hope it cooled it off some anyway. ;)