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Friday, August 31, 2007

Reality show junkee and Megamillions winner wannabe

Anyone else?
I can't help it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE reality shows.
It all started with Survivor...which, in my humble opinion is still the best reality show out there. I can't wait until it starts up on Sept 20th when the next season starts, in China. Should be interesting.

What has me thinking about reality shows this morning is Big Brother. In the past I've been an 'in passing' kind of viewer. Because it was on so many nights a week and there was always something else on, I never really got into it....until this year. (Gotta love the invention of the DVR (Tivo)) I have not missed a second of the show this year and just love it! I can't stand not knowing who the HOH is this week, and am worried because next week is a double eviction, instead of just one person going home. It's getting so close to the end.....I want Eric or Jessica to win. Can't stand Dick or Danielle. Yes, I know I'm going on but still............

Also can't wait for the Dancing with the Stars this year. Mark Cuban, who is very well known in my area because he owns the Dallas Marvericks basketball team (which I love) and he's a very 'fun' guy. Real mouthy and 'out there'. It will so funny to watch him DWTS....wonder if he actually has any talent??

Now, on to much bigger things.........MEGAMILLIONS!! This is a multi state lottery and it is now up to about $320 Million dollars. The drawing is tonight and I told dh to either bring home 2 tickets or he'll be sorry. If you take the cashout option, which I would, then we'd get $190 Million. I can live with I promise, if we win the jackpot I'll give each of you some money....really, I will. You have it in writing!! LOL

Crochet news: A couple of new swaps have started recently at CrochetMania. If you crochet and are not involved in 'the mania' yet, you might want to check it out. It's a fabulous bunch of people. It's amazing how people actually become your friends, isn't it? It always amazes me when, someone I met online, really cares about me and how I am. It's heartwarming.

I have to thank everyone for reaching out to me earlier this week when I was having my meltdown. I got so many 'I know how you feel' and 'if you need a shoulder' posts and emails and phone really felt nice and warmed my heart.

Also, don't forget to comment so you can win some yarn. My contest is still running for another few days. Don't miss out!!



Laura said...


I hope YOU win the mega millions and then your biggest dilemma will be 'what will I do today, now that I'm independently wealthy'? Answer: 'Anything I darn well please, that's what!'

JazzRizz said...

Gotta love Realty TV. I'm an American Idol junkie myself. I really loved Rock Star too.

Veronica said...

I love American Idol. I can't watch the shows where the contestants are trying out because I feel too embarrassed for most of them, but once the actual competition starts then I watch every week.

As far as the lottery... I'd love to win, but if I don't then I hope you do. :D If you win you don't have to send me money, you can just send me yarn (I'll do the same for you if I win). :)