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Monday, April 02, 2007

Another Monday

Well, it's been 'a day'. First a few pics...this Belle you can see she likes yarn already. In the bag is the yarn for the afghan I'm making for my daughter's best friend for her birthday.

Here are the 4 colored squares I'm using for the ghan...I like it so far.

It wasn't all a bad day. I got this awesome Crochetville bag from a FGM at the Ville. I was so excited when my dh came home with a big puffy. It was such a horrible horrible day and this made my day, without a doubt. I hope she knows what it meant to me, it was awesome!


Laura said...

I love your Crochetville awesome! Did someone on the Ville make it for you?

JazzRizz said...

Belle is just adorable. My kitties are so old (12yrs), it's hard to remember when they were that little.

That afghan is beautiful. I love the 60's look of that square. Great colors!

Awesome FGM!! That bag ROCKS!

JoAnn said...

Oh yea, what a bag!! I happen to have gotten one also, a true BEAUTY isn't it!! Luck us!!!