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Saturday, April 21, 2007

It's Prom day

What a time!! Thank goodness prom is today. My daughter was about to drive me C-R-A-Z-Y!!!
This is her junior prom so I didn't feel the need to go 'all out'. When I took her to her best friends house to get driven to prom her BF was totall decked out...she even had a dang tiara on top of her head. I could have sworn she was about to walk down the aisle for crying out loud!! I'll go all out next year, for her Senior Prom, but just didn't feel it was appropriate for her junior prom. Am I wrong??
She picked the dress and my mother (Grammy) bought it, Viqui bought the shoes and I did her hair. The full length photo isn't that great...looks better in person.
I hop she has a good time tonight...a safe time....but a fun time.


Trish said...

We only had a Junior Prom so went all out. our Sr prom was a semi not a formal.

She looks gorgeous! Red is definitely her color. Hope she has a safe and fun night!

no date?

Lisa said...

No date. She and 3 other friends went together and none of them had dates. Shoot, I didn't go to my prom because I didn't have a date so I'm proud of her!! Who needs men??!! LOL

CrochetManiacs said...

LOL, you got that right Lisa....who needs men, LOL!!
She is a beautiful young woman, I know you are one proud Momma :)