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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Oops...can't even blame the storm

Well, have been worrying about this tree since the day (actually even before) we moved in here. It was big, dead and had many dead branches hanging percariously over the house. We had a guy come out and tell us it would cost nearly $2000 to take it down. Well, sure, I'll just rip it out of my leg!! So months went by and we did nothing but worry aobut it. Last week, almost to the day, we had a storm here and a branch fell off the tree and went into the roof. It did not penetrate straight through so it didn't cost much to fix it but the worry grew bigger.
Yesterday DH got a good friend, who has been cutting down trees for years, to come out and help us get rid of it. We just were not experienced enough to take it down ourselves as we most likely would have taken off the whole corner of my youngest son's room, which would not have been good.
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So good
Here is the tree before it came down. If you look you can see the limbs hanging over the house and just how close it is to the house making it difficult to cut down.
TIMBER!!!! After about an hour, down it came. After attaching it to another tree and wenching it step by step so it would stay away from the house.
Oops..........not so good after all!!

After the tree fell I glanced to Austin's room and saw this. OMG!!!! I was going to put him to bed in his room but decided it would be too loud so I put him in my bed until we were done everything. Thank the Lord I decided to do that!! I just can't tell you.............. I actually felt sick to my stomach.

It's really not as bad as it looked at first. It's a small patch on the roof and that will be fixed today. The only thing stormed last night. Thunderstorms! We put a temporary patch over it for the night, knowing it was going to rain, but the poor little fella got rained on. I had to put a bowl on his bed so he wouldn't get wet.

This is really what scared me. After things were cleaned up I had a chance to really look at the hole in the ceiling. If you look at the top bar of the bunk bed you will see a big dent in it....not good.
This is what I keep thinking...... the branch broke off the tree on the way down, not where it had stood this whole time. It came loose quite easily and landed like a torpedo in to the roof/ceiling. IF this had fallen off the tree where it stood, like during a storm or just because it felt like falling off that day, it could have landed right in the middle of the bed. Now, Austin usually sleeps on the bottom bunk, usually, but when my stepson comes over on the weekend he sleeps in the top could have catastrophic!!
BUT, coulda shoulda woulda. The tree is down, it will take a couple of hours to fix the roof and ceiling and all will be fine again. Thank goodness we DID get this monster of a tree down in time!
On a lighter side: I found this website and thought it was just too cool. Check it out.


CrochetManiacs said...

AHHHHHH!!!!! Did you say that is your son's room? WOW!!!
That was to close now, So glad no one was hurt when it fell. I see that your state is still having bad storms down there today. What a springtime you all are having this year. You all stay safe now and be oh so careful especially with those tornados.
Hugs and be careful

CrochetManiacs said...

And I noticed all of the cute Kittys on your site now.....saw in the side bar post who did them for you :)
Very nice, and they are just so cute Viqui, you do wonderful graphics

Wanda Kay said...

The roof can be repaired. I'm just glad nobody was injured. It was sure close to the bunk bed. That was some mighty strong wind.

Veronica said...

I kept saying, "Oh my word... oh my word," the whole time I was reading this. I'm glad everyone was safe.

Yasmin said...

So glad no one was hurt! It looks scary though.Good thing you got rid of that tree.

Laura said...

Lisa, I'm so glad you and your family are safe and well after such an ordeal!
By the way, your daisy ghan is a beauty!