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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Are you freezing kidding me?

I don't know how this happened. How did it go from 90F on Sunday to being so cold that I've had to turn the heater on?? I don't understand. Does someone want to put in a call to Mother Nature and tell her she's made a mistake? She skipped over the 70's completely this year. First we were having August weather in October and now we're having December weather in October. Can't we just have October weather in October? Would that be so wrong?????

Phew, ok, I'm done ranting now...I think.

So much is going on right now but I'm going to try my very best to keep up with my blog at least a few times a week.

There is a Secret Santa Swap coming up on CMania that I'm in charge of. I just love swaps and I love Christmas so what a perfect match. I can't wait to start making things for my swap partner.

Well, on that note, I'm off to sit under a blanket and crochet some ballerina slippers for a customer. They're a pain to make but they turn out cute.

I hope everyone has a great day!!

1 comment:

Tina said...

Well we went from 90 one day, to snowing two inches the next here! :o And they got even more snow up higher, too. Crazy.