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Monday, October 01, 2007

Things I've made and acquired

Here are some things I've made recently. All of them are for sale at my Etsy shop. I just love the outfit for Chico though, the little Santa suit. You should have seen him 'high steppin' because he's never worn shoes on his feet before. I was rolling on the floor was quite a sight.

I made these two scarves over the weekend. And yes, those are my two gorgeous children posing in the photos......nah, I'm not biased at all!! *smile*

I've been making a whole bunch of stuff and listing them on Etsy hoping to get orders. I'm hoping I get some money for Christmas shopping...keep your fingers crossed. I have another scarf on the hook right now too. After that, who knows? Any suggestions? Do you know what might sell good? Let me know, I'm certainly open to any suggestions.
I think the only one I don't have modeling something in my Etsy shop is my dh. My foot is in there for some slippers.

Oh, and one more you can see in this picture, there's a kitten laying on the back of my couch. Last week sometime there were 5 kittens dropped off in front of my house (I swear, I'm like an animal magnet!!). On Thursday, Maisy, my lab/basset mix, found this kitten in the drain pipe at my driveway. The other 4 were nowhere to be seen. Long story the end of the night he followed me to my door and went nuts to get in.......he's still in. DH asked around work to see if anyone wanted him BUT.....then he and my daughter named him. So.....everyone, meet Romo. (Named after Tony Romo, the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys).

Yup, Selena.....I bet you knew he was going to stay, didn't ya?

1 comment:

Tina said...

All your things look nice; and should sell well. Chico looks cute in his new outfit. Are you going to make shoes for all of his feet? At least it doesn't get snow and ice there (or does it?) like it does here. Or in Michigan-- Oi.

Romo looks like he thinks he belongs there! :p He's cute.