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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Purple?? Purple!?!

Why is all my text purple?? It didn't used to be why is it purple now?

Any suggestions how I can fix it??


Tina said...

I am a computer dummy if there ever was one, sorry. I can't even figure out how to clear my cookies? (Is that how you say it?) I have to ask my kids and husband for help. LOL Hope you can get it figured out.

I meant to say, two posts down, that I liked your scrapghan the kitties were laying on, too. I am working on three different scrapghans right now, myself.

Jodi said...

So what's wrong with purple???
I just happen to be one of those purple loving people. Even my archery longbow is made from Purple Heart wood. It's so pretty!

Were you changing anything on your blog? Maybe it accidentally got clicked on and changed when you were in there looking at things.