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Monday, October 08, 2007

I'm soooo happy

Ok, as you might know, if you read my blog, I'm a HUGE hockey fan, inparticular the OTTAWA SENATORS. So I'm flipping through the channels today, totally bored, and what do I find??? Ottawa Senators vs NJ Devils. I got to the channel exactly as it was about to begin....and to top it off, it's Canadian broadcasters (they're unbiased....they just like good hockey) coming from a Canadian network.........I'm just besides myself with joy right now.
So, while most women watch soaps on the tv in the afternoon, I'm sitting here watching's wonderful, isn't it??

Ottawa has won every single of their games so far this year, including the preseason. This is the 4th (season) game and it's 1-0 for Ottawa. Can't you see the big smile on my face?? They lost in Stanley Cup finals last year, but this year....THEY. ARE. GOING. TO GO. ALL. THE. WAYYYYYY........

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