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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

FO -- Round Ripple

I finished it!! Yayyyyyy!! Here is my 7 y/o son's round ripple that I'm giving him for Christmas. Yes, it's true, he did pick out the colors and see my progress but it's going away now until Christmas. I was going to add another row but it's as wide as my queen size bed, and big enough for my son to wrap up in, that I would finish it off with the blue. It took me less than a week to do too. Worked up super fast. Now my daughter says she's jealous, even though I'm half way done her scrapghan....... little brat .... lol
My cat Minnie liked it so much, I literally got off the chair after taking the picture, looked up and she was already laying on it. Silly kitty!


Carol Thomas said...

Hi !!
I just posted a comment on the ripple along, and I just got to your blog, and you really are a fast crocheter!!
The blue looks really good too :)

Carol Thomas said...

Where did you get the pattern for your round ripple?? I would like to try to make one.

Laura said...

Your round ripple turned out beautifully! I just found your blog and love it....would you mind if I grab a couple of your "cat" buttons? I have 2 kitties and just love them!

Louguss said...

I am in the happy hooker crochet along also. I love the look of the round ripple afghan. I was wondering if you could send me a copy of the pattern or if you could just post it on my blog. By the way I'm Laura in the crochet along.