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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Robotic Halloween

Here is my little fella, Austin. Here in our small town they have what's called 'Brick Street Trick or Treat', where the kids can go to all the stores on the brick street ('downtown' has roads made of bricks instead of pavement) hand out candies to all the little trick or treaters. People around here don't really trick or treat, instead there are Halloween parties and carnivals. On Monday we may go to a carnival in a town close to ours and on Tuesday there is something called Hallelujah Night at a big church in the area and it's a lot of fun for the kids, instead of going trick or treating, when you may get things that are not the safest. Austin loves loves loves Hallelujah Night and talks about it all year long so he's excited about Tuesday.
Anyway, here's his costume. I made it last night using cardboard boxes and duct tape. He's a robot. I love it! He got so many compliments today it wasn't funny! Everyone just thought he was adorable!! I thought so too............

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