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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Here we go

Well, 'tis the season......the season for colds and flu.....lovely. Being a stay at home mom, everytime the kids come home from school with something new to pass on, I get it...EVERYTIME!! I swear! Right now it's a bad head cold. Ok, I'll admit, everyone got the cold this time, everyone but my 15 y/o son, who you know has to be the one that brought it home and that's why he's not sick! But they all seem to get rid of it quickly while I tend to hang on to it for much much longer, not sure why, just lucky I guess.
So, go to bed and get a good night's sleep, right? Tried that and slept like a baby last night...a colicky one! Every hour I was up. Head pounding. Nose running. Throat burning. Cough coughing. I swear!! My only saving grace is that I have time this morning to fit in a nap before the little girl I babysit gets here shortly after lunch.
So, now, tell me this. What am I doing here? Wasting good sleep time on my blog? .................. See ya!

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Allena said...

Oh man! supposidly having your kids go straight to the sink and wash their hands and face and change clothes is supposed to help. at least that's what the doc said! not sure if it works. i do have my dd wash her hands and face though when she gets home.