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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I was hit with a RAOK

When dh works overtime my ds goes and gets the mail for me. It's a mile walk to my mailbox from my house, each way. So when he came home with a big box under his arm I actually felt sorry for him. That left quite quickly when I opened it up!!

Tina, I can't thank you enough for all the stuff in the box!
Look at all this awesome stuff!!!

She made a little candy filled pumpkins for all of us....
She even included a 'how to learn to crochet' for Samantha but it wasn't in the picture.
This totally made my week!!!
Thank you soooooooooooo much Tina!!!!


Tina said...

You are welcome. I thought later, "I don't know what they will do with all these pumpkins when the candy is gone"... but maybe they can be used to put coins or buttons in or whatever...

Where in your kitchen did you put the pictures up at? Mine are by my dish drainer, to the right of my sink. :)

Lisa said...

I put the pics on either side of my clock, that way they get looked at a lot!!