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Monday, September 17, 2007

Random thoughts

Totally random thoughts..............

The house is a mess
I wish I had a friend to come over for a 'coffee'
Dallas news is so depressing
I'm already making plans for next July
Don't want to leave Chico for two weeks (in July) but I'll have to
I'm so proud of my daughter
I'm so worried about my oldest son's future
$5000 would change my life forever
Teenagers are so hard to get along with, even my own
Looking forward to 12/7/07
Yikes, Christmas is only 3 months away
DH and I are going to start walking tonight
I'm so tired of being overweight
I wish I had enough $$ to adopt a little girl
Thinking about fostering but dh thinks I'd get too attached
I will be lost without my daughter when she moves out next year
I want an orange kitten..a male
I miss trick or treating in Canada
US healthcare system SUCKS
Hillary for president?
I miss chatting with Viqui every day
My dad is my hero
My mom is my best friend
Putting my hair up in a ponytail gives me a headache
I dropped my camera and scratched the mad...I need a new camera now
Aren't hummingbirds cute?
I hope mom's surgery, when it does happen, goes well
Craig Ferguson is hillarious
Go! Jeff Gordon! Go!!

1 comment:

Tina said...

My husband and I walk. (Just to get out of the house is nice!) It helps with my *moods*, too.

I want to get a kitten, too but I doubt it will ever happen again. Maybe a puppy, though. (Although kittens/cats are much easier, when you have to go away... but hubby doesn't trust cats after our last ones.)

I hope you can get a new camera soon.