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Sunday, September 02, 2007

What really bugs me...

Ok, there are a lot of things but for this entry I'm focusing on getting my email...or rather NOT getting it.
Since I moved to this house in December '06 I have changed ISP's 3 times. This new one I have is great for speed and it's half the price I was paying for satellite. So what bugs me then? EMAIL.
I don't know how many times now I've had problems receiving my email since switching to the new ISP. It also bugs me that I've grown so dependant on my email. It's how I communicate with so many friends. It's how I get orders for my Etsy store. It's become such a major part of my life, kinda like my cell phone and computer in general.
Growing up we didn't have any of this stuff. Try to tell my kids that and they think I grew up in the stone age. I'm an 80's teen and to get the kids to understand that there were no cell phones, Nintendo, home computers, DVD's hard for them understand.
I remember in 1998 when there was the big Ice Storm in Eastern Ontario and we didn't have power for 3 days, which was actually a short time because my parents were out for a week and my brother was out for 3 weeks. My power came back on so soon because I lived close to the hospital and was on the same 'power vein' as them. No one could do their banking because it was all done by computers and using the ATM's. What a mess!
Yes, I start on one subject and go off on a 'rabbit trail' as dh would say.
Anyway, I'm done venting now.
I hope everyone has a fantasterrific day!!


Yasmin said...

I know....welcome to the club!! I'm having problems with email too.

Tina said...

I am an '80's teen', too. Nope, no cell phones, computers, nothing... I think we had Atari for video games. ("We" didn't have it, though; our rich uncle did...) I think it's funny that my mother now has three cell phones with her at all times. I only use mine in case of emergency while driving, etc...

Hope you can get your email problems straightened out.

Tammy said...

Hope those pesky email bugs are worked out! I'm an '80's teen, too. We did have Atari, but the only games we had were hockey and tennis. (which were really the same thing, pretty clever marketing)